8 Tips For Foodies To Save The Restaurant Bill

Connoisseurs and gourmets love to eat. Here’s how they succeed without emptying their wallet.

Discount Coupon

  • Books filled with coupons, such as those sold by youth groups and schools can be very profitable if you like to eat. These often offer the two-for-one special on entrees, free tickets and even a percentage off the invoice.
  • Silent auctions held by schools or music and theater groups can also offer good deals, allowing you to bet on a gift certificate to a restaurant and other entertainment.

Tourist home

Visit a travel agency to get a coupon book for tourists. This will offer special rates on local attractions and restaurants.

Encourage students

  • The hotel kitchen or schools often operate their own hotels and restaurants, where students serve the public. You certainly get quality food; after all, students are evaluated on their performance.
  • Call ahead to make reservations, as space is quickly filled by relatives of the students.

A Feast Before The Theater

Some theaters organize special promotions in partnership with nearby restaurants to subscribers or ticket holders. Take advantage of these offers.

Alternatives on the road

  • Before you commit to the highway, pack a lunch and some snacks to help you cope.
  • Go look for rolls, cheese, and cold meats and cook fresh, tasty sandwiches. These will undoubtedly much better than the food offered at the roadside.
  • Add in some apples, yogurt, juice boxes and treats for the kids and everyone will be busy … and well fed!

Traffic Horrors

  • Fast food chains have invaded Canadian highways. Result: The food is more affordable but less nutritious than in the past.
  • Take 10 minutes to stop in a small village. The people are generally served simple, well-made dishes at reasonable prices. You might pay the same price in the end, but your hips will thank you.

Free water

When ordering water with your meal, have a drink or a pitcher of water from the tap instead of bottled water. This slight difference in taste will save on expensive bottled water in grocery stores, but more expensive in restaurants.

Pot of wine

  • Avoid ordering wine by the glass: if two or more guests want to drink wine, order a bottle saves you about 20%.
  • Unless identifying a wine you know, go for a bottle of the same region as the cuisine at the restaurant. They will probably have been chosen more carefully.
  • Discuss your choices with the sommelier or server. Ask her recommendations based on your budget.
  • If in doubt, pay a few dollars more for the wine and skip the coffee.

We all like to go out in time to another restaurant. With these suggestions, your bill will be minimal but your belly, it will be very full!

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